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Solutions 4 Animals Ltd aims to give many aspects of health
management back to the farmer, by providing them with a range
of products designed to promote, enhance and maintain
optimum health in animals.

Solutions 4 Animals Ltd offers a well proven alternative to animal health challenges through the use of time-proven homoepathic preparations.
Farmers tell us that our extensive range of products deliver what they want - an effective, easy and economic way to manage animal health problems. In addition to saving money, the same farmers consistently report improved stock production or performance.

The following graph clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of just one of the products offered to you by Solutions 4 Animals Ltd. The results are illustrated below have been obtained from one of our own carefully monitored field trails. But don't just take our word for this and many of the other outstanding results that have been achieved. Take a look through our web site, read what other farmers have to say and discover for yourself the wide range of animal products that are giving health management back to you.

So, What Is Homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy is a management option that is easy to administer , non-toxic. and cost-effective. The preparations have no side effects, won't mask symptoms and do not have a withholding period. The key to successfully using homoeopathy is to assess the precise symptom picture and correlate this with research data on the remedies.

Homoeopathy for Animals With this in mind, Solutions 4 Animals Ltd has developed an extensive range of kits targeting common seasonal problems encountered in farming, pets and horses. The symptoms and appropriate preparations have been studied and correlated, and compiled into kits. Each kit comes with supportive preparation, (which may be used in anticipation of a problem eg in Autumn when the risk of Facial Eczema is present), specific preparations for symptoms, full instructions, dispensing container and free consultancy support.

The price of using these farm kits is around 50 cents per sheep, $2.50 per cow or deer for the season.


Farmers who have tried our products have enjoyed a high success rate and have expressed a high level of satisfaction as a result. The use of homoeopathic preparations is growing generally, as farmers search for alternatives.

For farmers involved in traditional farming, these products represent and alternative that does not involve withholding periods. For those seeking a biological approach but not full organic certification, our products can be used confidently without giving up existing methods and regimes.


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