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Each kit provides homeopathically prepared nutritional supplements. Each commercial kit is structured to provide a full season's support regime for 250 cows (approximately). On average this works out to be less than $2.50 a cow for that targeted problem, FOR THE SEASON. Preparations may be administered via trough or in-line dispenser. All prices are in U.S. Dollars. THERE IS NO WITHOLDING ON ANY OF THESE PRODUCTS.
BLOATZ KIT - D22   $450
Once a week prevention regime to lessen the lielihood of bloat during 'At Risk' times. Also includes preparations to assist with management of any clinical cases.
A trough management regime to help settle animals/heifers to the shed.
CATARRH-EZE KIT - D13   $125
Contains a management regime for the common symptoms of catarrh - snotty nose.
ENHANCE WEIGHT GAIN for Calves - D09   $450
Once a week regime. Improves bio-availability of feed. Calves involved in field trials have attained goal weights up to 2 weeks earlier, providing the farmer substantial savings re supplementary feed Read More...
EYE CARE KIT - D18   $125
Contains a management regime for clinical cases of Pink Eye, from the early symptoms of redness and weeping through to the more advanced symptoms of cloudiness of the eye. Also includes a prevention Read More...
Once a week facial eczema prevention regime that is easily administered via the trough - does not taint the taste of the water, so the cows are happy to keep drinking. Also includes preparations for s Read More...
FERTILITY KIT - D02   $450
Aids normal cycling, promotes conception, lessens the likelihood of abortion, offers assistance with other symptoms of infertility. Farmers commonly report up to a 90 - 95% conception rate over the w Read More...
FOOT CARE KIT - D04   $450
Once a week management regime to reduce the likelihood of bruising and infections. Also includes a specific regime to assist with prevention and management of White Line Disease for 'At Risk' herds. Read More...
HURTZ CREAM - Large - H41 ~ 7 oz   $29.5
For use on all wounds. This will assist with pain relief, promote wound healing and reduce scarring. Has anti-septic properties.
HURTZ CREAM - Small - H40 ~ 3.5 oz   $19.5
For use on all wounds. Assists with pain relief, promotes wound healing and lessens scarring. Has antiseptic properties.
Late Autumn to Winter: For animals that have probable subclinical/chronic Facial Eczema. Symptoms of weightloss, poor production, +/- weakness, +/- scouring., anaemia. Farmers report that animals rec Read More...
MILK FEVER KIT - D06   $450
Weekly support regime to aid utilisation of available calcium and magnesium to lessen the likelihood of milk fever. Includes first aid preparations to assist with any clinical cases.
Appears to improve the bio-availability of what the cows are eating with the better utilisation of their food source. Farmers have reported an increase in milk production of up to 10% while maintainin Read More...
NEW BORN KIT - D07   $125
First Aid preparations for newborns to-
Aid breathing, Circulation, Fight infection. These preparations may offer life saving assistance to a calf in a collapsed, near death state. Includes a prev Read More...
PREGNANCY KIT - D05   $450
Prepares for birthing by
Loosening pelvic ligaments, Empowering pelvic contractions, Preparing the cervix for delivery.
Post-birthing preparations may assist by:
Reducing swelling and
SCOURZ KIT for Calves - D08   $450
Weekly support regime (administered via the milk or trough) to boost the immune system and lessen the likelihood of scours. Includes a range of preparations to assist with common symptoms of scours. Read More...
SPRING ECZEMA Kit for Dairy Cows - D23   $450
Spring Eczema (also known as Photosensitivity)often presents as a marked swelling of areas of white skin, eg face, feet, udder. There is pain of affected areas, and may lead to a marked loss of condi Read More...
STAGGERZ KIT - D19   $450
Once a week prevention regime to lessen the likelihood of rye grass staggers. Also includes preparations for management of any existing clinical cases. Farmers report an excellent response within th Read More...
UDDERZ CLINICAL KIT - D03-004   $350
Provides a range of preparations for management of clinical cases of mastitis. (Does not include a prevention regime)
UDDERZ KIT - D03   $450
Aids by optimising Udder health - Offers assistance with Somatic Cell Counts, inflammation and infections. Includes both a prevention regime that is administered via the trough along with a managemen Read More...
UDDERZ SUPPORT KIT - D03-001   $350
Provides an Udder Support Management Regime designed to aid with lowering SCC and reducing the incidence of clinical mastitis. The regime is generally administered via the trough. Does not include man Read More...
Has a support regime that is designed as a general tonic specifically for the immune system. Includes a prpearation to aid during 'At Risk' times of extra stress eg persistent wet cold weather. Also Read More...
WORM-AWAY for Calves/Cows - D18   $450
Internal parasitic worm management regime. Sufficient preparation for approx 300 calves/stock for the year. For more information about Worm-Away for Goats, see Worm-Away - Trial Results on this site Read More...
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