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"We had a problem with both facial eczema and pleuro-pneumonia during autumn. We heard about these products and decided to give them a go. Prior to use, we were losing 4 - 5 lambs per day. Within 48 hours of using the Lung Support regime, the death rate ceased. There were no further losses due to this problem.

With regard to Facial Eczema - we had 6 clinical cases ranging from 'droopy-eared syndrome' through to wet eczema stage. We used the Liver Support regime and within 12 hours the sheep were going out and grazing. These sheep continued to improve dramatically.
We feel the products have a lot to offer, and are using the Liver & Lung Regime for both Pleuro-Pneumonia and Facial Eczema as part as part of our farming management this season.
    Alan and Pat Carter - Sheep Farmers


Solutions4animals Ltd is confident of the effectiveness of the products and welcome any opportunity to make this cost-effective option available to farmers. The following are Case Studies, which help to demonstrate the effectiveness of the products:

March - Flock of approximately 200 end - season lambs, set stocked in a large paddock. There had been 50 deaths due to pleuro-pneumonia over a 10 day period. The lambs were going from good health to death in 4 to 5 days. The owner had contacted 2 separate vets for assistance. Unfortunately, allopathic medicine had no management regime to offer, however, the vets did suggest spreading the flock over a wider area to reduce the chance of contact, and therefore lessen the spread of disease.
On Assessment - Approximately 100 lambs were at various stages of disease.
The entire flock received a homoeopathic regime, and at the end of a week, only 3 more lambs had died.
After 4 weeks there had been no further deaths, and the general health of the lambs was good with only approximately 10% a bit lighter in condition. All signs of the flock ever being affected were gone by late April.
In CONCLUSION: This kit is suitable for pleuro-pneumonia in the sheep, and also prevention of the further spread of infection.

These preparations are part of the Lung Support Kit. The cost is around 50 cents per sheep, for the season.

Case No.2: FACIAL ECZEMA - Lambs
Autumn - Mob of 400 Lambs - Brought in for routine handling. Approx 25 % were showing early signs of Facial Eczema - droopy ears, lethargy, shade seeking. A further 10 were showing the more advanced signs - eczema on the face. Preparations from the Liver Support Kit were applied to the lambs drinking water.
RESULT: Lambs at the early stage of disease, showed a dramatic response. Upon release from the yards, the lambs immediately went to graze in the sunlight. They were no longer droopy eared or lethargic.
The lambs with more advanced disease - these lambs health plateaued - they did not show significant improvement, noting, that their condition didn't worsen either.
CONCLUSION: These preparations provided remarkable assistance to sheep in the early stages of Facial Eczema, returning them back to good health.
NOTE: The farmer had NOT been using the prevention regime.

Winter - A mob of set stocked sheep. Within the mob, approx. 40% were showing signs of sub-clinical Facial Eczema - weight loss, anorexia, lethargy, hair loss, general debility. The farmer had suffered a 25 % loss within the flock to Facial Eczema in the autumn. At this stage the LIver Recovery Kit was used. The regime involved 2 applications, 1 week apart.
RESULT :The mob as a whole showed remarkable improvement. At the end of 2 weeks, 99.5 % were fat and bonny. There had been no other change in management. This regime was applied in June (winter).
CONCLUSION: Preparations provided remarkable assistance to sheep with liver damage, returning them back to good health.
NOTE: The farmer had NOT been using the preventative regime.

The cost is around 50 cents per sheep, for the season.

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